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Elegant Ayrshire Weddings at Moorpark House Hotel

Moorpark House Wedding VenueMoorpark House StaircaseMoorpark House DiningMoorpark House Bedroom

This week I went to visit the Manager, Graham, of the Moorpark House Hotel, which is a beautiful and ‚  elegant country mansion by Kilbirnie in Ayrshire. ‚   Inside it has a hand-carved oak hallway, ‚  a truly stunning Gold Reception Room and Bar, a choice of ‚  three Dining Rooms (the Knox, Marble or Garden Rooms) and twelve luxurious bedrooms.

At Moorpark House Hotel, you can:

  • dine ‚  in style for an evening
  • sleep over in any one of the individually ‚  styled bedrooms ‚  that have ‚  modern decor ‚  enhanced ‚  with ‚  Victorian features
  • organise a Business conference for 8 ‚  to 90 persons
  • enjoy a private dining experience to celebrate a special occasion
  • and ultimately, it is the perfect Scottish Wedding Venue for your marriage, catering for a wedding party of up to 150 guests, with exclusive use of Moorpark House too, if you wish

So if you haven’t yet chosen a venue for your Wedding or Special Occasion, contact Moorpark House and arrange an appointment as you will be blown over by the warmth of the staff and surroundings, and the ‚  beauty of the interiors ‚  of Moorpark House.

Personality of a Scorpio


If you were born between October 24th and November 22nd you will be a Scorpio, symbolised by The Scorpion. ‚   Scorpio is the eighth astrological sign of the Zodiac, originating from the Constellation of Scorpius. ‚   A Scorpio has ‚  “fixed” qualities, and is a “water” sign. ‚   No other sign has the emotional strength of a Scorpio. ‚   The general personality traits of a typical Scorpio are:

  • Powerful
  • Inquisitive
  • Passionate
  • Persistent
  • Captivating
  • Loving
  • Sympathetic
  • Jealous
  • Suspicious
  • Secretive

The beauty of the Passion Flower

Passion Flower in our Troon Garden

I’m a proud gardener this week, as after a year-long wait, the Passion Flower I planted and have trained to climb over some willow trellis has finally bloomed. ‚   The Passion Flower was a gift to my husband and I when we first moved into our home, as the back garden was no more than some very weedy grass and a few scrawly and overgrown shrubs.

This week has been particularly chilly, with some cold winds hitting us from the north and so it’s a surprise to see the Passion Flower still holding out to bloom in south-west Scotland.

Wouldn’t these wonderful blooms look stunning as ‚  decoration on tables, you could:

  1. Float the flower ‚  heads ‚  in a bowl of water as a table centre piece
  2. Dot single heads around the table
  3. Place a single flower on each table setting or napkin

The name Passion Flower does not refer to love as you might expect, but it is actually named after the ‚  Christian theological icon of the passion of Christ on the cross. ‚   In the 15th and 16th centuries, Spanish Christian missionaries discovered this flower and adopted its unique physical structures, particularly the numbers of its various parts, as symbols of the last days of Jesus Christ.

Signs of the Zodiac

The Zodiac ChartChinese Star Signs

Like me, you probably know your own Western ‚  Zodiac Birth Sign very well, mine is Pisces, but how quick can you recall all twelve birth signs, and in addition to that, do you know all twelve Chinese ‚  signs.

The Zodiac ‚  is an annual cycle of ‚  twelve ‚  points along ‚  the path of the sun through the star constellations, that divide the path into twelve equal zones. ‚   I won’t try to explain the origins ‚  any further, as Astrology alone ‚  is a complex subject. ‚   In my teens I nearly chose it as a degree subject at university!

Depending upon ‚  your date of birth, you will have a Zodiac Birth Sign. ‚   It is believed that individuals born under one of the twelve signs, will exhibit certain similar character traits to that sign.

Over the coming months I will provide ‚  more details on each of the Western Zodiac Birth Signs, starting with Scorpio (October 24th to November 22nd).

Heart of the Matter

Heart of the Matter

Last week I attended ‚  an Ayrshire Association of Business Women (AABW) evening and the guest speaker was Andrea Gardner, who is experienced in empowering women to lead more balanced and fulfilled lives. ‚   Andrea lives and works at the Blair ‚  Estate near Dalry.

Based on the ‚  philosophy of Louise Hay, Andrea runs a number of workshops and courses ‚  for those wishing to improve their lives, be it their: career; health; or ‚  relationships. ‚   With tools such as meditation, visualisation and ‚  positive affirmations, Andrea works with you to ‚  identify and transform any beliefs that are sabotaging your sense of well-being.

I’m not a true believer, in that I don’t ‚  feel ‚  that “we” can control and cure ‚  the diseases “we” contract ‚  using this philosophy, for instance ‚  those suffering from cancer inherited through a family member, but Andrea’s talk did provide me with a sense of calming and I’ve no doubt that ‚  her workshops and courses would be a relaxing experience.

Affirmation is a declaration that something is true, for example “I love spending my time creating special and unique occasions for my clients”.

A 15th Wedding Anniversary Present

I always think ahead when buying gifts for friends and family, and with my mother and step-father’s Wedding Anniversary coming up on the 1st January (yes they got married on New Year’s Day), I’ve started to think about an appropriate gift to mark their 15-years of marriage.

The traditional gift is crystal, and the most common ideas spring to mind of a crystal vase or Swarovski crystal, but if you want to gift something a little bit different or indeed a little less expensive, then why not consider one of these ideas:

  • Decorative crystal decanter
  • Crystal glasses
  • 3d engraved laser crystal
  • Crystal paperweights
  • Music of crystal singing bowls
  • Grow your own crystals kit
  • Candle holder or candelabra with hanging crystal beads

It’s the presence of lead in glass that makes it sparkle, and what we refer to as crystal.

AABW Programme Re-starts

Tomorrow, Tuesday 21st October, is the re-start of the ‚  Ayrshire Association of Business Women (AABW) programme following the Summer break.

Guests can go along to the networking evening at the Barcel ƒ ³ ‚  Troon Marine Hotel which commences at 630pm for pre-dinner drinks, followed by a two-course meal and this month’s speaker is Andrea Gardner who is a clinical hypnotherapist and will be ‚  speaking on how to “Heal Your Life”.

Those attending the evening will get a chance to see the new look AABW website before it is published live on the internet. ‚   Each member of the AABW, including myself, ‚  has submitted a business biography of their business so that the new website can showcase their members and businesses.

Visit to Hobbycraft in Glasgow

HobbycraftColourful craft materials

Today I spent the afternoon in Hobbycraft on the east side of Glasgow to shop for a number of art and craft materials, as I am designing a couple of Wedding ‚  Mood-boards. ‚   There is unfortunately only one store in Scotland, but it really is worth a visit as you can gain so much inspiration from just seeing the wide variety of products on offer.

So if you fancy hand making cards, favours, gift boxes and such then do pop along. ‚   The store can be found in the Glasgow Fort Shopping Park just ‚  by Junction 10 off the M8.

Happy crafting!

Birth stones as traditional Birthday Gifts


Birth stones are gemstones associated with each month of the year, and are traditionally given as birthday presents. ‚   The birth stones associated with each month vary from country to county, but the list ‚  below represents what we tend to adopt in the UK.

  • January = Garnet
  • February = Amethyst
  • March = Aquamarine
  • April = Diamond
  • May – Emeralds
  • June = Pearls
  • July = Ruby
  • August = Peridot
  • September = Sapphire
  • October = Opals
  • November = Topaz
  • December = Turquoise

Stunning Centre Piece for your Party

Wax Crystal Centre Piece

Inpsiration for this idea came from attending a friend’s wedding this year, but also from meeting a supplier who created wonderful floral decorations with a “waxy” twist.

The use of the very first ‚  image of the married couple being printed and displayed at the Reception when guests arrive is becoming more popular, and can even be given as favours as a thank you ‚  from the bride and groom to their ‚  guests.

Developing upon this idea you could create a ‚  table centre piece for each table at a Wedding, Birthday or any other Special Occasion by:

  1. Selecting ‚  a tall glass vase, and adding a ‚  small layer of pebbles, marbles or shells
  2. Using some real, or imitation, stems of flowers or leaves such as ivy or roses entwined within the vase (not too many)
  3. Taking an image and placing it securely amongst the stems
  4. Filling the vase ‚  two-thirds of tap water
  5. Adding wax crystals to the top of the vase (see image above, these can be bought on-line or in most craft shops, and the crystals will float upon the water)
  6. Standing some wick within the crystals and lighting it, resulting in a stunning ‚  hand-made ‚  centre piece to adorn the tables at your party that will last all night long

If it’s for a birthday you could select a baby photo, or a ‚  number of shots from the highlights in their life. ‚   If it’s for an anniversary you could use a variety of romantic images of the happy couple.

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