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Ayrshire Wedding Planner becomes AABW’s Treasurer

aabw logo

On Tuesday 24th February, the AABW approved my place on the committee and I’m now their Treasurer. ‚   I have a set of responsibilities to fulfil, which include ‚  maintaining the AABW account records.

I take on this new role with avid ‚  keeness to learn more, to help the ‚  committe drive the AABW through 2009 and to meet even more interesting contacts along the way, so thank you AABW ‚  for this opportunity.

AABW Plan Success for Business

On Tuesday 24th February is the next Ayrshire Association of Business Women (AABW) event, taking place at the Gailes ‚  Restaurant & Hotel ‚  by Irvine, ‚  commencing at 630pm for an AGM, followed by a networking session, ‚  a 2-course dinner and a workshop on “planning for success – looking ahead”.

Christine Thom of Action Coach will guide us through:

  • How to carry out our own market research
  • How to create a marketing plan
  • Setting marketing goals
  • Knowing our customers

You can book your place on-line, all guests are welcome.

Seasonal flowers for February

Blue IrisDaffodilPurple crocusEucalyptus foliagePale yellow primrose

The last few days have been milder, and I now have a number of flowers shooting from their bulbs, as well as shrubs and trees ‚  sprouting their first leaves of the year, so I’m all excited with the thought of Spring fast approaching.

Here are some ideas of which flowers and foliage could be used from your own gardens, ‚  in an arrangement for a special occasion:

  • Daffodil
  • Crocus
  • Primrose
  • Eucalyptus foliage

Ayrshire Wedding Planner is nominated onto AABW Committee


Last week I attended my first AABW committee meeting, as I’m keen to help the Ayrshire Association of Business Women develop and grow into a leading and inspirational ‚  group of women in Ayrshire.

I have been nominated onto the committee (as ‚  Treasurer and/or Membership Secretary). ‚   The Committee for 2009 will be agreed at the Annual General Meeting taking place on Tuesday 24th February.

Personality of an Aquarius


If you were born between ‚  January 21st and February 18th you are an Aquarius. ‚   ‚  Aquarius is symbolised by the water bearer, and is the 11th astrological sign of the Zodiac. ‚   ‚  Aquarius is considered to be masculine, positive, an extrovert and an air ‚  sign.

The traits of an Aquarius ‚  include:

  • Friendly
  • Loyal
  • Inventive
  • Independent
  • Intellectual
  • Unpredictable
  • Detached

A weekend away in Manchester

Our visit to Salford Quays

Inside Manchester CathedralAn Imperial classic car at the MOSIThe wheel of ManchesterIndustrial scene by L. S. Lowry

Last weekend I took my husband away to celebrate his recent birthday. ‚   I chose Manchester as a few friends had recommended a visit there, and we ‚  did enjoy ourselves. ‚   We got a direct train from Glasgow, and stayed in a ‚  hotel by the River Irwell. ‚  It’s a very vibrant city, with lots of modern architecture fitted around the old. ‚   Our stay included a visit:

  • On the big wheel
  • Inside the Manchester Cathedral
  • By tram to Salford Quays and the Lowry Gallery
  • To the Museum of Science & Industry (MOSI)

I love the wonder of the stars, and whilst visiting the MOSI we went to one of the ‚  Planetarium shows, where I learnt that there will be a visible comet Lulin ‚  within our night’s sky to the south, ‚  during next week, so fingers crossed for clear skies.

Images of Ayrshire Wedding Show Display

Sarah's Creative Occasions' DisplayPotted skimmia adorned with gold butterfliesCreative black table setting

I’m taking a long weekend off, and so I wanted to leave you with a few images of my display at the Ayrshire Wedding Show last weekend.

For those of you who I met at the show and I ‚  haven’t yet been in touch with this week, I will be contacting you next week on my return.

Moodboards by Ayrshire Wedding Planner

Moodboards by Sarah's Creative Occasions

If you didn’t get a chance to visit the Ayrshire Wedding Show last weekend, then you would have missed 2 sample Moodboards that Sarah had handmade for 2 unique weddings which she put on display as part of her exhibition.

Hopefully you can see that the Moodboards were created around 2 different eras, the first from the 1920s Art Deco period, and the second was based on a Victorian tea party. ‚   A few hours work goes into the creation of each Moodboard, ‚  due to the:

  • background research into the ideas, before selecting a scheme to match the ‚  style of Wedding
  • sourcing the right ‚  materials, including styles, colours and textures
  • perfecting the final arrangement, before cutting and affixing each piece by hand

Sarah usually only creates a Moodboard for Clients selecting the Full Wedding Service or Complete Management of the Celebration (for Special Occasions) ‚  Packages, however you can always request a quotation from Sarah’s Creative Occasions to handmake a keepsake Moodboard ‚  for your own Wedding or Special Occasion even if it ‚  hasn’t been planned by us so please just ask.

Winter scenery in Ayrshire

Brig O Doon in the SnowWinter sunset over Dunure Castle & Ailsa CraigOverlooking the Isle of Arran from Ardrossan

At this time of year when snow is falling and freezing around us, you cannot miss the beauty of the natural world we live in, ‚  and here’s a few examples of the stunning scenery we have in Ayrshire.

Sarahs Creative Occasions