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A Poem Titled The Nutter by Jack Wren

The Jay is the most colourful member of the crow family

I have previously advertised in the Dumfries & Galloway Life magazine and the latest issue (#50 for January 2012) has a wonderful poem in it about the Jay and I just wanted to share it with you over the festive season. ‚   ‚  These 4 verses are ‚  titled The Nutter and it has been written by Jack Wren.

I watch with delight the noisy jay

Planting acorns like a boy at play

On a patch of woodland spread

Marking each in his bright head,

Beneath the earth in tidy rows

One by one his account grows

Until by stealth they all amount

To make a healthy bank account,

The wood and him reap dividends

As Spring arrives and Winter ends

When new Oaks sprout in gratitude

From acorns that are un-rescued,

I take my hat off to this bird

Who is arrogant and absurd

Full of colour in a loud way

A complete nutter I say.

Struthers Primary School Christmas Fayre in Troon

SCO Stall at Struthers Primary School Christmas Fayre Dec 2011

Here’s my stall at the Struthers Primary School Christmas Fayre yesterday in Troon, which was a lovely jolly morning with the families who popped in to see us, visit Santa, craft some decorations, dance in the disco and who were lucky winners ‚  in ‚  the ‚  raffle.

Merry Christmas to all of you!

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