Angelic Touch to your Stationery

Angelic Invites

I recently ‚  came in ‚  contact with Angela, who established Angelic Invites in Spring 2006 designing contemporary Wedding and Special Occasion stationery.

She has just launched a new design collection for 2009, including a ‚  unique Oriental Flourish range using either Japanese printed papers in ebony ‚  and gold, ‚  or single stemmed roses and thistles.

Her collection titled ‚  “A Little Sparkle” ‚  uses ribbon threaded with letters and are set-off with crystals.

The “Heavenly Heart” designs are maded of sumptuous satin padded hearts ‚  complimented with swarovski gems.

Angela kindly sent ‚  me a selection of samples. ‚   They ‚  are delicate and very pretty, and can be adapted to suit a colour scheme of your choice and customised in a variety of card types and sizes.

If you are interested in any of Angela’s designs, please do not hesitate to contact me to benefit from the discount she is offering me and my Clients. ‚  

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