Ayrshire Party Planner’s preparations for Easter

Easter chicks & bunnies

It’s Easter weekend, and in Ayrshire we have been having some glorious sunshine which got me right into the Spring mood for creating some wonderful ideas for Easter.

I have my sister and her family visiting on Easter Monday, so I’m planning an intimate gathering with lots of Easter delights for lunch. ‚   I will be baking a few favourites, like my chocolate orange bars, cheese scones and some iced buns.

Today I handcrafted a toy chick for each of my 3 young nephews, which I will give them together with a stunning Lindt chocolate bunny. ‚   You can find ready made kits in most supermarkets, or you can buy your own items ‚  from local craft shops and garden nurseries.

Along with a ‚  handful of purple freesias that I bought today, I have ‚  picked some daffodils from my own garden and arranged them in a beautiful cut vase to adorn my kitchen table. ‚   I actually have quite a few different flowers flowering my garden just now, so it’s a nice touch to bring the Spring into your home.

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