Ayrshire Post Article for Autumn Bridal Review

Wedding Advice for Ayrshire's Autumn Bridal Review

If you picked up a copy of the Ayrshire Post 2 weeks ago, you will have hopefully seen my Wedding Advice that featured in the Autumn Bridal Review. ‚   If you didn’t, then here’s a copy of the original wording I sent through to the Editors.

Advice for the Engaged Couple, by Sarah ¢ ‚¬ „¢s Creative Occasions

These days there is so much that you can do to celebrate your Wedding Day, so where do you begin……

My recommendation is to first consider how you want your Wedding Day to feel, should that be: traditional; elegant; comfortable; classic; modern; etc. ‚   This will usually lead to a style of Wedding, and a choice of Ceremony, either Religious or Civil. ‚   Next is your choice of venue and Ayrshire has so many wonderful places ranging from: your local church; a Scottish castle; a hotel with a variety of facilities; a community hall; open-air in a garden; a contemporary marquee; to the grounds of an historical site.

Rather than have a theme dominate, unless ¢ ‚¬Ëœover-the-top ¢ ‚¬ „¢ is your desire of course, let a theme emerge naturally. ‚   As a couple, incorporate your ideas subtly by considering: what is meaningful to you; what occasions you have enjoyed and your shared interests. ‚   From these ideas you can begin to develop: your means of transport to and from the venue; the catering and style of food; and a choice of entertainment.

For your bridal gown, use the internet and magazines to pull together a selection of images that you like. ‚   Shop around to find a store that you feel comfortable with, as you will be spending quite a lot of time in it and with the staff, to perfect your chosen dress. ‚   ‚   Let them see your wish list of images, and allow them to pick a variety for you to try on. ‚   Do not hesitate to ask for their opinion, as the staff will have dressed many brides and will know what styles suit you.

A colour scheme is important, as it will unite all aspects of your Wedding, from the bridesmaids to the groom ¢ ‚¬ „¢s outfit, and the flowers to the stationery. ‚   Your guests will be overwhelmed by the beauty of a colour co-ordinated occasion, so it ¢ ‚¬ „¢s key to strike the right balance. ‚   You can use either a single colour in varying shades, or try two colours that complement each other.

For that special touch why not create a table centre-piece that is designed around a printed image of you as a married couple, or treat your party to a stunning display of sky lanterns being released into the night. ‚   However you decide to celebrate your Wedding Day, ensure it remains your Day, take time to enjoy the build-up, and if you need any help please do not hesitate to contact Sarah ¢ ‚¬ „¢s Creative Occasions. ‚   Good luck!

Sarahs Creative Occasions