Ayrshire Wedding Planner meets Chamber of Commerce

Ayrshire Chamber of Commerce Logo ‚  Burns Monument Centre Logo ‚  Outside Burns Monument Centre

Last week I was invited to an Ayrshire Chamber of Commerce event, and my objective was two-fold. ‚   Primarily I wanted to use the event to continue my networking with other local business, but secondly the visit took me to a new venue that had recently opened ‚  to the public, the Burns Monument Centre in Kilmarnock.

The Ayrshire Chamber is ‚  a leading organisation representing the Business Community in the whole of Ayrshire. ‚   They provide assistance to businesses by offering an expanding range of business support and business generating services.

The Burns Monument Centre is surrounded by the beautiful setting of Kay Park in Kilmarnock, and is the new centre for registering births, marriages and deaths. ‚   It has state-of-the-art conference facilties to accomodate up to 85 persons, plus it is a great contemporary venue for a wedding service, civil partnership, vow renewal or naming ceremony. ‚   The Centre houses fabulous archive and local history collections, and a well-equiped research room for anyone to pop in.

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