Fancy your Honeymoon on your Wedding Gift List

Travel Counsellors

Our local Ayrshire agent, Julie Muldoon, of Travel Counsellors shared at the Ayrshire Association of Business Women (aabw) event last month their idea to have your own honeymoon on your wedding gift list.

So if you have more than enough kettles, toasters, china and bed linen, then why not save yourself some pennies and register with Travel Counsellors for your Honeymoon Gift Service.

You receive a beautfil bridal white gift box, packed with a set of gift registry cards for your guests, as well as some thank you cards to send onto everyone who has gifted towards your dream honeymoon.

Travel Counsellors is a different kind of travel agency, they are ‚  completely independent and ‚  are dedicated to offering their customers the highest possible levels of personal service, whilst organising ‚  your perfect holiday away.

Contact Julie for more information.

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