Less than 1 week to our Ayrshire Christmas

Jamie's Family Christmas

You may think that I spend a lot of time watching TV, but at this time of year it’s great to pick up some fresh ideas that you can try out yourself, so I buy a couple of Christmas magazines and I do love to watch the festive cooking programmes.

So on that note, have you been watching Jamie’s Family Christmas on Channel 4 this week? ‚   The series has now completed, although you can download the episodes on-line and also print off the recipes from their website.

The ‚  final episode shown last night was about party food and cocktails, and one fabulous idea that I’ve never seen before was a creative tip to decorate your alcoholic bottles such as vodka, but you do need a large freezer for this (and I’m thinking some mittens for serving!).

  • Take an empty washed-out plastic bottle of coke (or similar) ‚  and carefully cut the lid off
  • Place the full alcoholic bottle physically inside the plastic bottle, and fill around with water
  • Using either fresh from your garden, or a local florist, snip some beautifully coloured leaves, berries and flowers
  • Gently place the colourful foliage into the water down the sides of the bottle
  • Stand the plastic bottle upright in a freezer until it’s frozen
  • When it’s ready to be served to your guests, remove the plastic bottle leaving the iced foliage in place around the alcoholic bottle

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