Sarah Finalises Management of Ayrshire Corporate Event

Design for the Ayrshire Corporate Event

I’ve been busy in the last couple of weeks finalising the details of a Corporate Event for NATS, ‚  a large Ayrshire business which is celebrating a significant achievement on Saturday 20th March 2010.

Not only does this involve organising the celebration ‚  at the ‚  Ayr Racecourse for 450+ guests, but it’s simultaneous with a celebration at the Southampton Football Club (FC) ‚  in Hampshire, ‚  joined ‚  by video link.

It was key for me to find local suppliers in Ayrshire that would work with the contacts on the south coast to pull together ‚  the ‚  overall design. ‚   I’ve managed to organise the majority of ‚  this event ‚  remotely in Ayrshire, but I ‚  have taken one ‚  trip down to Southampton to see the layout of the football club and to meet ‚  my contacts face-to-face.

Photos will follow as I near completion, it’s very exciting!

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