Sarah lends a hand for Malcolm Sargent

CLIC Sargent ‚  Volunteers at Malcolm Sargent House ‚  Sarah's not afraid of hard work

Two weeks ago I spent an afternoon at the Malcolm Sargent House in Prestwick doing some gardening in support of the community and this very special local charity for children suffering from Cancer.

I lead a team to re-haul the rear garden of the house which overlooks the sea. ‚   Basically the garden had become overgrown and untidy, so my team’s objective is to turn it into a relaxing outlook for the families.

Day 1 was spent taking out all the weeds, re-shaping the garden beds ‚  and we started digging over areas of the beds too. ‚   Last week I couldn’t join my team, but I left them with instructions to continue digging over the soil and to prune the overgrown shrubs.

I’m back at Malcolm Sargent House this week for an afternoon to finish the digging and to make good the beds, before we plant them up later in the Autumn. ‚   I’ll add a few more photos to my News Blog as we progress with the transformation.

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