Sarah returns from holiday in Alaska

Sarah cruising up College Fjord in Alaska

I’ve now ‚  returned from a wonderful ‚  trip to ‚  Alaska, where my husband and I spent almost 3 weeks visiting Vancouver in Canada before embarking on a cruise up the inner passage of Alaska followed by a land tour of Inner Alaska.

This holiday was a real treat for us, as our dreams of seeing lots of wildlife in the most amazing scenery came true. ‚   It was unprecedently warm in Alaska (although it was cold outside on the moving ‚  ship, hence the hat, ‚  scarf and gloves), much like everywhere at the moment, but seeing Alaska in the Spring means you get to ‚  view the snow capped mountains and mini iceburgs in the ocean, as well as the year-round calving of the glaciers.

Our wildlife spots included the killer whale, humpback whale, porpoise, shark, bald eagles, black bear, brown bear, moose, ospreys, sea otters, caribou and beaver.

It’s definitely a holiday to remember and I would recommend it for a honeymoon or special occasion, if you need a reason that is!

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