Seasonal flowers & inspirational ideas for May

EucalyptusChoisya ternataPink hawthornRed azalea

Well it’s the last day of May, and we have had a glorious weekend of blue skies and sunshine in Ayrshire, so I’ve spent quite a bit of time on the garden weeding and watering, as well as buying some new herbaceous plants to co-ordinate with the blue agapanthus that I’ve planted up in ‚  two whiskey half-barrels.

So in my garden this month I’ve had lots flowering, all which can be used in some way to decorate your home, so here are a few ideas:

  1. Take some sprigs of flowering hawthorn and stand them in a tall vase
  2. Use the heads of bright azalea to scatter on your ‚  table if you are having guests over
  3. Trim a few flowering short stems from Choisya ternata ‚  and add to a clear glass ‚  bowl-shaped vase to create a dome of white flowers and bright green leaves
  4. Cut 6 inch pieces of Eucalyptus and tie name tags onto them using ribbon, to present at each place setting at the table
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