Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts

It was recently my own Wedding Anniversary, and like me, my immediate family gave my husband and I a little something to reflect the years of marriage that we celebrated.

If you aren’t familiar with the full list of ‚  traditional gifts for each year of a Wedding Anniversary, then here they are:

First – Paper
Second – Cotton
Third – Leather
Fourth – Fruit/Flowers
Fifth – Wood
Sixth – Candy/Iron
Seventh – Wool/Copper
Eighth – Bronze/Pottery
Ninth – Pottery/Willow
Tenth – Tin/Aluminum
Eleventh – Steel
Twelfth – Silk/Linen
Thirteenth – Lace
Fourteenth – Ivory
Fifteenth – Crystal
Twentieth – China
Twenty-Fifth – Silver
Thirtieth – Pearl
Thirty-Fifth – Coral
Fortieth – Ruby
Forty-Fifth – Sapphire
Fiftieth – Gold
Fifty-fifth – Emerald
Sixtieth – Diamond

If you have a Wedding Anniversary coming up for yourself, your family or a friend, and are not sure what to give, then do come back to my News Blog as I will be providing you ‚  with a few ideas ‚  over the coming weeks. ‚   Some of these ideas will have a ‚  unique twist and don’t need to be expensive either. ‚   For example for my sister’s 3rd Wedding Anniversary I gave them a prettily boxed Imperial Leather bar of soap!

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