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Ayrshire Wedding Planner’s Ideal Flowers for June

This month in ‚  our gardens we have so much blooming, so here are a few ideas of which flowers you could use from your own garden to decorate your home, church, reception venue or even to tie together with ribbon to create unique bouquets for a bride or bridesmaids, saving on the pennies.

  • Foxglove
  • Lupin
  • Aquilegia
  • Heuchera
  • Orchid
  • Rose

Shorter dresses for the Bride

A trio of shorter style bridal gowns

More and more of late I’m seeing bridal collections that include a number of shorter dress styles for the Bride. ‚   At a recent local wedding fair, a couple of the fashion show models also wore knee high dresses.

So if you don’t fancy floor length gowns, then why not copy the latest trends and go for a shorter cut dress teamed with a beautiful pair of shoes.

Visit to Troon Car Boot

At the weekend I popped into the Troon Car Boot sale to see what treasures I could pick up for my exhibition at this year’s Ayr Flower Show in August.

I ‚  am looking for floral chinaware and pretty glassware for the creative party designs I’m creating. ‚   I came away with a lovely ivy decorated tea cup and saucer.

To see the end result, please add the date (7th to 9th August) ‚  in your diaries to come and visit my stand at the show.

Saints & Sinners Race Night in Ayr

Ayr Racecourse

On Friday I was one of many who joined in the fun at the Saints & Sinners Race Night at the Ayr Racecourse, in support of various Scottish charities.

I only parted with a few pounds on each of the seven flat ‚  races, and I did manage to win 2nd place in the 4th race when I backed Cote D’Argent, one of Len Lungo’s horses. ‚   Len runs Hetland Hill Stables near Dumfries, and we were neighbours before my family moved.

If you haven’t been to the races before, it is an enjoyable experience and one I would recommend for any celebration including a birthday, hen party or stag do.

So do ‚  find an opportunity to party in style with a posh frock, hat or a suit, at one of the many race meetings coming up.

AABW visit Dumfries House

AABW at Dumfries House

Dumfries House

On Tuesday ‚  evening, ‚  the Ayrshire Association of Business Women (AABW) ‚  enjoyed an exclusive ‚  visit to Dumfries House, which is located by Cumnock in East Ayrshire. ‚   We were treated to a private tour of the house by ‚  their guides, and ‚  our night was finished with some informal networking ‚  and a glass of ‚  wonderful champagne and canapes in hand.

Just over a year ago Prince Charles opened Dumfries House to the public, having led a consortium of charities and heritage bodies to purchase the grand estate. ‚   The ‚  house is 250 years old and was built by William Crichton, the 1st Earl of Dumfries, and was ‚  designed by the 18th century architects, the Adams brothers. ‚   It ‚  is home to a fabulous collection of Thomas Chippendale furniture.

There are some very special rooms, such as the entrance hall, dining room and the tapestry room, that feature not only the wonderful array of furniture, but also beautiful ceiling freezes and picture frames.

Dumfries House has recently ‚  obtained its Civil ceremony licence, and can cater for Weddings, as well birthday parties or any special occasion worth celebrating.

If you haven’t yet managed to visit Dumfries House, then you must go along for a guided tour of the house, to explore the gardens or try some wine tasting!

Ideas for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is this Sunday, 21st June, and if you haven’t yet considered what to give to your dad, step ‚  dad or the father figure in your life, then here are a few ideas:

  • Little something for his car, such as new car mats, an air freshner, or a complete wash set including a new sponge!
  • Magazine subscription for a weekly or monthly mens mag, related to; photography, golfing, cars, fishing, or health.
  • Day at the races, either dogs or horses. ‚   Its the Saints & Sinners race night this Friday at Ayr Racecourse.
  • Has he always wanted to grow his own veg, if so get him some vegetable seeds for him to sow in the garden.
  • Simple arrange to take him to the pub for a few beers, and have a few games of darts, pool or join in a local pub quiz.

Are you a Gemini?


If you are born between May 22nd and June 21st then your star sign is ‚  a Gemini which is symbolised by the Twins. ‚   Gemini is the 3rd astrological sign in the Zodiac and is thought to be an ‚  air sign ( with a skill to reason and communicate), positive, and extrovert with a ‚  mutable quality (one who is flexible and adaptable to new situations).

Your traits may include being:

  • Versatile
  • Witty
  • Intelligent
  • Lively
  • Nervous
  • Inconsistent

The top table is out!

Top table at a wedding reception

Round table at a wedding reception

No longer is it necessary to have a top table at your wedding reception. ‚   Brides and grooms are now opting for a round reception table at the centre of your wedding reception, with your closest family and friends seated with you. ‚   An option for your bridesmaids and best men, is to ask them to host the other guest tables.

Unusual bridal gowns

The weighty bridal gownVariety of unusual bridal gowns

With the news about Capri Skies, I thought I would add a touch of humour to my News Blog this weekend, by sharing with you some bridal images taken from the latest HeatWorld magazine which will hopefully you make smile!

Yes ‚  I have to admit that I am a Heat reader, as you can’t beat a bit of celebrity gossip. ‚   You can also read the latest stories on-line.

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